Alessandro Vitelli

I am a freelance reporter and columnist, writing on climate and energy markets and policy. My work has been published in a variety of outlets, ranging from online breaking-news services to monthly magazines.

My material ranges from hard news copy, with updates delivered as the story develops and adding detail and quotes as they come in, to articles of 2,000 words or more discussing big issues affecting the energy world.

I can report from within the UNFCCC climate negotiations, from conferences and seminars and from set-piece press events. I’ve written about the UN climate negotiations for more than 15 years, following the annual COP meetings from Montreal to Copenhagen, Paris and Madrid.

I can cover carbon markets, both the day-to-day trading and the regulatory processes, in Brussels, Sacramento, Boston and Bonn.

I’ve written about the expansion of renewable energy around the world, about the steady growth of electric vehicles, how these trends are affecting fossil fuels, and what’s likely to happen many years into the future. I also write about natural gas and how it’s overtaking coal worldwide.

I have a thorough grounding in energy trading, and can produce market commentaries on products ranging from API2 coal to propane. I’ve picked up technical analysis skills over the years, and I can talk to traders about short squeezes, stop-losses and carry trades.

I also write white papers and in-depth reports ,as well as marketing materials. I also carry out communications and outreach work for non-governmental organisations and voluntary groups.

My clients include:

Carbon Pulse
Montel News
Interfax Energy
The Economist Intelligence Unit
Gas Strategies
International Emissions Trading Association
Petroleum Economist
Legal Response Initiative
China Dialogue
European Environmental Markets plc
Sustainability Consult
South Bank Investment Research


Bloomberg TV

My career began – after a brief stint in pirate radio – in 1988 at Standard & Poors Platts, where I reported on news, prices and market developments in a number of commodities: chemicals, gas, oil products and shipping.

I brokered energy swaps for PVM Associates and helped set up an energy and carbon analysis desk at IDEAcarbon. I also spent five years working at Bloomberg on the energy and climate desk.

I’ve also been a visiting fellow at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics, and I still occasionally assist on studies relating to market-based mechanisms.


Virtuse Energy Emissions conference, Prague